The Certificate/Under Graduation, Diploma in Post-graudation, M.Phil, Degrees shall be conferred to candidates who have satisfied the General Conditions under the Academic Rules and Regulations as specified hereunder. The candidates are required to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations that are in force and those that will come into effect fruni time to time as formulated by the University or by the School. The University or the School shall in future include any item not covered in the rules and regulations as they deem fit and proper and the decision taken shall be final and binding.
Course and Syllabus : The admission to various courses is based on the conditions as laid down in the provisions of "Eligibility for Admission". There will be no entrance test for admission into Certificate/Under Graduation (through Intermediate qualification) P.G. Diploma and PG Courses. The School follows the Syllabus approved by the University.
Change of Syllabus ; If there is any change in the scheme of examination or syllabus one more examination will be conducted as per the old scheme or old syllabus. There after candidates who have not completed the course, have to appear for the examinations as per the revised scheme or syllabi.
Simultaneous Admission : No candidate shall be allowed to take admission simultaneously or appear at two different examinations simultaneously conducted by this University or any other university. Violation of this rule will entaif cancellation of admission as per the University rules. However, this will not be applicable to those candidates who wish to join computer courses offered by the school.
TERM OF REGISTRATION : Candidates admitted into Post-Graduate courses shall complete their course within 6 (six) years and the candidates admitted into P,G, Diploma (One year) course shall complete their course within 3 (three) years from the date of admission failing which their admission stands cancelled. Such candidates shall seek fresh admission again.
Change of Courst/Subject: If a candidate wishes to transfer from one PG course to another due to his inability ho may be allowed to do so provided he ful-fills the eligibility conditions of the admission of the desired course. Request for application of the desired course should be made within a month from the date of confirmation of the admission into the applied course. Candidates' application will be examined and if found eligible will be permitted for transfer. Such candidates are required to pay Rs. 20U/- towards the registration fee in view of the transfer.
Change of Study Centre : If a candidate wishes to transfer from one study centre to another, due to inability, request for application should be made within a month from the date of confirmation of his/her admission. Candidates' application will be examined and if found eligible will be permitted for transfer. Such candidates are required to pay Rs. 200/- towards transfer fee.
Re-Admission : The candidates who discontinued or who are default of payment of tuition fee during an academic year can seek re-admission by submitting the application in the prescribed proforma and on payment of Rs. 230/- towards Re-registration and Re-admission.
Transfer Certificate
If a student wishes to discontinue the study in the School after paying the fee in full and applies in writing for TC not later than the 5th day of of the school for the succeeding year will be issued without any payment. In other cases Rs. 30/-will be levied towards the fee for TC.
The original TC submitted at the time of admission in the school shall not be returned. This school shall issue a fresh TC after the completion of the entire course (the last day of examination) of 5tudy or if the candidate discontinues in the middle of the study period after paying the fee in full. The candidates who took the T.C. and discontinued their study are not permitted to appear for the examinations for the same academic year.
Duplicate TC will be issued on payment of Rs. 250/- subject to the production of a Certificate issued by the I3' Class Magistrate and a letter from the concerned Police Station to the effect that the original was lost. After careful scrutiny, the candidate wil! be issued a duplicate TC depending on the merits of the case.
The Award of Division, issue of Provisional, Memo of Marks and Convocation formalities and all other matters relating to the examinations shall be looked after by the Controller of Examinations and governed by the rules and regulations in vogue.
Pending Dues : If the candidates satisfies the academic requirements but has not paid the dues or not submitted the required documents to the School within the stipulated period of time or if any case of indiscipline is pending against him, the decision of the University/School to this effect will be final and binding.
Students Address
All Correspondence made to the students will be to the address as mentioned in the application form.
If there is any change in the address, six slips have to be sent to the School along with a covering letter.
Any change of Address of a student should be intimated at least 15 days in advance to ensure prompt correspondence from the School, Frequent changes of address cannot be entertained unless the period of stay at one place as per the change of address is for a period of 6 months. If the period is less than that, they have to make their own arrangement for redirecting their correspondence to the correct address.
Acknowledgements : Students are advised to preserve the acknowledgements /receipts issued by the School for receipt of fees or certificates and also other correspondence till the degree certificate is issued to them finally. The identity cards and hall-tickets should also be preserved for any verification by the School authorities during the course period.
Special Attention of the Students : Distance Education courses are offered by the University for the benefit of those who intend to persue higher studies and could not join the regular colleges due to various reasons. In view of the limitations of the special mode of education, THE STUDENTS SHOULD KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE SDLCE AND ACQUAINT THEMSELVES WITH THE ACADEMIC SCHEDULES, EXAMINATIONS, RESULTS, etc. The SDLCE on its part would however take the responsibility to inform the students through correspondence. News Paper/Radio announcements etc., but m case the student concerned fail to receive any of the communication from any of the source, the students are advised to persue the matter without waiting for the communication till it reaches. They may contact the office as per the general schedule given. This is very important from the point of view of gaming maximum advantage of the services offered by the SDLCE for the benefit of students.
General Rules of admission
Admission into UG/PG/PG Diploma Programmes is open to all the citizens of India.
No gap of time is necessary for registering for the various courses after passing the qualifying examination.
There is no age limit restrictions for registration into any PG/PG Diploma
The admission into PG/PG Diploma Programme is not based on entrance
examination. (Wherever seats are unlimited)
Admission of students for any course who were qualified from other
Universities / Bodies will be considered only on the condition jf their
qualifications must be recognised byKakatiya University.
In service Candidates working in any institutions i.e., State/Central/Quasi or any Private organisation can also apply for admission into UG/PG/PG Diploma Courses.
Admission details : Admissions to B.Ed./M.Ed, and M.Phil, exclusively meant for In-service Teachers/Lecturers (M.Phil.) and BLISc. will be made in order of merit secured in the Entrance Examination and as per reservation rules in accordance with the Andhra Pradesh Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admissions) Orders, 1974. Admission to 85% of the available seats in every course of study shall be reserved in favour of the Local Candidates in relation to the local area. The other 15% of the available seats are open to all the candidates in order of merit. 15%, 7,5% and 25% of the available seats in each course shall be reserved for the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and backward classes respectively, 33% of seats in all are reserved for women.
Course Material for all PG courses will be issued at a specified counter in the Main Office only. Those who submit the form at the Study Centre will get the material on the first day of the Contact Programme at the Study Centre. Separate schedule of Contact Classes will be announced later.
Those who collect and submit the forms at Study Centre/Regional Centre Offices may have to follow specified timings of the individual offices.